St. Jeanne De Chantal

St. Cecelia Parish of Algona began a twinning program with St. Jeanne de Chantal in Haiti during the fall of 2010. The Twinning Program is a Catholic based program connecting parishes in America to churches in both Haiti and Central America.  It started in 1978 out of Nashville, TN and is under the leadership of Executive Director, Theresa Patterson who has been involved with the program from the very beginning. 

Everyone who has traveled to Chantal has been touched by the experience.  Students and adults take great efforts to look their best while living in the most humble of dwellings with difficult access to good water.  The reality of the Haitian people's situation becomes even more apparent when you view the pictures.  In the backgrounds of primitive housing, the condition of livestock, and the struggling fields that your eyes can see more clearly the poverty around them.  Sometimes we struggle when asked about Haiti.  Why are we helping there?  What good can come in such a hopeless environment?  What does St. Cecelia’s get out of this pairing?  We give out of our abundance, we have lots of material things and wealth, the people of Chantal have nothing of material possessions but their abundance is a faith in God in the presence of a hopeless poverty and sickness.  Their example of faith in such hopelessness is their gift to us.  Their abundance is living each day with the realization that they control nothing in their lives and that their trust must be in the Lord.  That lesson for us is a most powerful gift if we are open to it.


  • Collections
  • Lenten boxes (for the Educate a Child Project)
  • Haiti Cow Project
  • Haiti Goat Project


  • Educate a Child in Haiti (sponsor a child's education)
  • Medical Supplies
  • Monetary Donations
  • Packaged Food 
  • Sea container

Current Focus:

  • Education
  • Medical supplies/Clinic
  • Water Project (access to clean water)

If you would like to volunteer with a project, go on a visit to Chantal, or make a donation, please call the parish office at: (515) 295-3435.      Chantal 2019 Trip Photo Album