To schedule the Sacrament of Matrimony, you must speak with Father Ed Girres, Father Sunny Dominic, or Deacon Bill Black.

Marriage preparation information

Diocesan Policy on Marriage     
1. Couples are expected to contact their pastor/associate pastor at least 6 months prior to the date of the intended marriage.

2. The wedding of two Catholics is ordinarily to take place in the parish church of the bride or groom.

3. Permission for weddings out of doors or in non-parish chapels is not granted.

4. Saturday weddings are ordinarily not to be celebrated later than 2:00 pm unless there are compelling reasons.

5. Interfaith marriages are not ordinarily celebrated with a Mass. Pastoral discretion and sensitivity should be shown by the pastor or priest of the parish.

6. Validation of a civil marriage in the Diocese of Sioux City may not take place until at least six months have passed from the date of the civil marriage.

7. If an intended marriage has been preceded by a declaration of nullity for a previous marriage, the conditions of any "cautions" or "restrictions" attached to the sentence of nullity must first be completed before the marriage takes place.

8. In cases where one or both parties to an intended marriage are less than 19 years of age, special permission of the diocesan chancery is required, and no date for such a wedding can be set until such permission has been granted.

9. Guidelines related to other special circumstances are outlined in the marriage preparation guidebook.

Additional Requirements for Marriage

1. Completion of the FOCCUS inventory is a first step in marriage preparation.