5 Saints Homilies

 Listen to the homilies from the 5 Saints Catholic Community on YouTube by clicking on the links below:  

Deacon David 28th Sunday Year C - Gratitude

Bishop R Walker Nickless - Confirmation Sunday Homily

Fr. Ed 26th Sunday Year C - What did the rich man do?

Fr. Sunny 26th Sunday Year C - Who is at your doorstep?

Deacon Brad 25th Sunday Year C - Do you need a wake-up call?

Fr. Ed 24th Sunday, Year C - God wants to save us!

Deacon David 22nd Sunday Year C - What is humility? Look at Christ on the cross

Fr. Sunny 21st Sunday, Year C - Are we Christian in name only?

Fr. Ed 21st Sunday, Year C - "What is in your bag?"

Fr. Ed 20th Sunday, Year C - How could the Prince of Peace cause division?

Fr. Sunny 20th Sunday, Year C - Christians are to stand for the truth!

Deacon Don 19th Sunday, Year C - Are you prepared for the greatest trip of your life?

Deacon Brad 19th Sunday, Year C - What is my opportunity today?

Fr. Ed 18th Sunday, Year C - Think about greed. It's one of the 7 deadly sins.

Fr. Sunny 18th Sunday, Year C - The 4 G's

Fr. Thomas 17th Sunday, Year C - Our Father...

Fr. Sunny 16th Sunday, Year C - Don't lose focus on what is important.

Fr. Ed 16th Sunday, Year C - Jesus wants us to keep our attention on him even in our activities.

Deacon David 15th Sunday, Year C - We Can Do It!

Fr Ed 14th Sunday Year C - "It isn't always easy"

Fr Ed 13th Sunday, Year C - "Is Jesus the center of your life?"

Fr Sunny - Holy Trinity

Fr Ed - Holy Trinity

Deacon Brad - Pentecost

Fr Ed 3rd Sunday of Easter

Fr Ed Easter message 2019

Deacon Brad Psalm Sunday Year C

Fr Sunny 5th Sunday of Lent

Fr Ed 5th Sunday of Lent

Stewardship Talk

Deacon David 4th Sunday of Lent, Year C - "Turn to God's wide open arms!"

Deacon David 8th Sunday Year C - "Jesus doesn't just give us lip service"

Fr Ed 7th Sunday, Year C - "Are you ready for the challenge?"

Deacon Brad 5th Sunday Year C - "Would you cooperate with Jesus if he got into your boat?"

Deacon Don 5th Sunday Year C - "We too are called!"

Fr Ed 4th Sunday Year C - "Stewardship"

Fr Thomas 4th Sunday Year C - "Love never fails"